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We create Awesome
Hypercasual Games !!

Why Us

About us

We work with Indie Developers, Designers and Budding

Game Studios to make SuperHit Hypercasual Games.

Are you a single Indie developer or designer  unable to

make a cool SuperHit game because of lack of proper 

resources ,support  and  marketing expertise. You  can

join our  community  of  Indie  game  developers  as  a 

in all aspects  and  we  can  make  a super  successful

game together


        Ideation -> Prototyping -> Marketing -> Release

How It Works

How We Work ?

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Join Us

Are you an indie developer working on a game for months and not even getting thousand downloads?

Nobody can do it alone  "Lets Do it Together" !!!

Lets Crush the Hypercasual Mobile Game Market

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